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When we create something new, it is a very important step to get representative information about the product’s usability, durability and functional properties. Each and every Wombat Tactical products are being tested from the sampling process to the release and even after it. We constantly collect info regarding the fabrics, stitches, zippers, velcros and so on after several months or years of use.

First of all, the „beta version” of each product gets to us instantly and we inspect the item according to the following points:

· Is the concept good?

· Does it work as we planned?

· What are the pros and cons in the conception?

· What do we have to change in design, or material?

· What can we achieve if we apply changes?

· Is the model determined to work with the changes, or should it be dismissed?

If the answers show good results and we can develop the particular model to make it better with good properties after the changes are applied, there comes the actual testing.

Here are the steps in which we are testing our products:

· wearing the model as casual

· taking the garment to field exercises

· find the limits of the functional performance

· inspect the effects of distinct activities on the structure

· summarize personal experiences

So now the beta version is tested. What’s next? We create an improved model with the necessary modifications applied. After the next sample is ready, we inspect the product according to all of the viewpoints and steps mentioned before, like we have never met the garment. The judgement has to be objective and complete regarding all of the properties of each and every product.

After we have new results regarding the second version of product, we can now apply further changes and improvements, while we even create distinct sizes.

In the third phase, a little amount of the garment is produced in various sizes to make sure, that the particular model works regarding not only the conception, but the sizing as well. Now more people are involved in the testing procedure and we collect each and every participants’ experiences and reviews as well as their suggestions to make our final product even better.

As we summarize the results of the distinct reviews, we can improve the particular product to meet different people’s needs and suggestions. After all of these, the particular garment or accessory is ready for production and release as well.

Each of our models are being inspected from different aspects in several steps, so Wombat Tactical products are always made to provide optimal solution for the purpose while the main goal is always the same: to produce premium quality goods with outstanding durability and reliability. We recommend our tactical garments and accessories for people who prefer functional performance over fancy but unnecessary solutions.

We keep things simple.


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