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Last time we wrote about the development and production process. In that blog entry, test procedure was also mentioned, but what does it mean actually? How was it going? What are the results and experiences? Let’s talk about our fabrics and their properties…

Even our first sample products -the beta versions of our generation 1 garments- were made of mil-spec fabrics with quality, ergonomy and durability in focus. Since we have pretty much experience with distinct fabrics from several manufacturers and with many armed forces’ uniforms, we knew what the really important properties are.

Some people think, that rip-stop is always better, while it is not definitely true. It depends on the environment you want to use your clothes in. We also produce tactical clothing made of twill weave canvas and we can assure you, that they are as durable and reliable as the garments made of rip-stop fabrics. The difference lies obviously in the details. Here you can learn more about these fabric types, so you can decide, which weave and composition is better for you or for your company.

According to our tests and experiences, fabrics with twill weave perform very well when it comes to crawling, climbing, crouching, sliding, etc. The structure of these fabrics gives a strong and durable feel while twill canvas is excellent in color fastness if washed properly. The comfort level is outstanding, but since the density is pretty high in some cases, they sometimes give a heavier feeling.

And what about the rip-stop canvas? We offer several manufacturers’ products in this fabric category: Defender-M fabrics, Pencott Badlands, Ventile Rip-stop (available soon), Tecawork Rip-stop… Yes, „work” (workwear), because that’s also excellent for producing tactical clothing thanks to its durability and robust structure combined with outstanding color fastness. So what about them? Some rip-stop fabrics can „lose” some color after several laundries, but wash them according to our care instructions! For example, first step: each garments are supposed to be washed always inside out and:

- pull the zippers up - fasten the buttons and velcros - wash your garments according to the care instructions - use economically-friendly detergents (think green… Ranger green) - DON’T bleach, tumble dry, etc. You always did everything right, didn’t you? Of course you did!

So, turning back to rip-stop: these fabrics provide extremely good crease resistance and high tensile strength, while they are also resistant to tears thanks to the polyester filaments woven in the fabric to prevent any tiny damage on the fabric to become bigger by further impacts. So we can say, that these fabrics can give you the durability of twill weave materials with a plus feature against minor damages caused by harsh objects regarding the fabric. The color fastness issue is the result of the sacrifice for the polyester filaments that are supposed to provide tear-resistance. BUT! If these tactical garments -made of rip-stop fabric- are washed properly (steps listed above), they will hold their shade for a long time!

Now you might be able to decide, which fabric type is the best for you. Each and every canvas we produce our garments of are excellent in quality, durability, comfort, colour / pattern, everything. Take what you like, prefer, or what you need! Some help to choose from our assortment:

  • Defender-M fabrics are intermediate-lightweight fabrics. They are perfect in intermediate and warm weather, but also during winter days combined with our Warm-up underlayers. (available soon!)

  • Our Estonian, Finnish M05 and Pencott Badlands garments are made expressively for intermediate and cool weather. With an underlayer, they provide excellent protection even from cold and windy snowfalls. Nevertheless they can be used during summer obviously, even combined with our Cooldown underlayers for the perfect feeling.

  • Ranger green models are made of an intermediate-lightweight 65/35 polycotton fabric. These clothes are perfect for everyday use and law enforcement / security service in warm and intermediate weather.

  • Our black, rip-stop garments are made for everyday use and law-enforcement / security service thanks to the properties combined with the sturdy look and characteristics.

  • Ventile garments (under development) are made expressively for bushcraft, hiking and outdoor lovers. This well-known premium fabric is weatherproof, highly tear- and abrasion-resistant and holds its colour perfectly even after several years of use. Important: we always attempt to be environmentally friendly, so we produce our Ventile garments using organic fabrics!

Hopefully now you can decide, which Wombat Tactical garments are perfect for you, so you can find the optimal solution for your needs and special requirements. Oh, and we can produce FR garments as well, but that is another topic.


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