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High-end fabrics and materials

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

In our previous blog entry you could read about why we started, while fabrics and materials were also mentioned besides Hungarian production. Now you can read about the fabrics and materials.

When I wrote in our previous entry, that we planned to develop new models for ourselves, I meant it literally. Therefore let me describe the idea with a well-known sentence: „I spared no expense!” Really no expense. We planned to produce high-end quality clothing similar to premium models of appreciated US manufacturers, so only the best fabrics and materials could be chosen. We were lucky, because –as I mentioned it before- I used and tested several distinct models of tactical and military clothing for 12 years, therefore I knew, what I had to pay attention to.

During our tests we got to know the properties of distinct fabrics regardless they were good or bad. There were some, which were disqualified, but only a few, because I chose the fabrics consciously and as I wrote before: I spared no expense! So we got to Defender-M, that’s a worldwide known, inherent flame retardant fabric, or the 60/40 cotton-poly fabric from a British manufacturer, while 65/35 polycotton fabrics are made by an Italian mill (Ranger green) and our black, rip-stop polycotton fabric is made by the producer of the Defender-M fabric as well. We can also produce our garments made of the well-known Ventile fabric on special order for partners, which is a very important step towards outdoor enthusiasts.

Nevertheless it is not only the main fabric, that’s important. There are the Italian-made elastic fabrics used as elastic inserts, or the also elastic torso part of the Wombat shirts, in addition the fabric of our compression (C-line) T-shirts and underlayers is also made in Italy. And what about the zippers? Oh yes, we are very lucky, because our zippers are made especially for us in Hungary by an Italian-based company. What about the buttons? And the threads? The buttons of the Recon pants are produced in Hungary on our special order (except for the blacks), while the threads we use are also made in Hungary in premium quality, that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. And what about the webbings? Cordura? Hooks and loops? Everything else? Obviously we choose these from the top-shelf products of the best EU, UK or US manufacturers, too.

In addition there are several special purpose fabrics, like Nanostitch technical fabrics applied in heating or cooling underlayer clothing and combat shirts, or inherent flame-retardant softshell and shirt fabrics from Marina Textil applied in FR softshell jackets and Wombat shirts, and last but not least the organic Ventile fabrics for premium outdoor and bushcraft clothing. We can provide plenty of options to fulfill special requirements, just take your pick!

Okay, now we have the fabrics and materials. So what’s next? You can read about development and production process in our next entry…


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