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These products are made especially for those, who wear this kind of clothing during military or law enforcement operations, shooting practice, airsoft practice or games and for those, who are enthusiasts of camouflage patterns.

Military line products are basically made from milspec fabrics made in the EU (e.g. Multicam color clothes are based on Defender-M fabric) and they are featuring versatility, durability, comfort and excellent functional performance even in combat situations.

Milspec color belts are also in this group, e.g. Coyote brown roll pin buckle belts, or Multicam colour Cobra belts.


Our Tactical Line clothing is designed expressively for those, who want to benefit from ergonomy and durability of military-style products, while wearing uni- or bicolor apparel during covert operations, or sometimes only as casual.

The used unicolor fabrics are made in the EU and they provide extreme durability and comfort in various weather conditions.

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To this group belong beanie caps, T-shirts and other items. These clothes can be worn on the street, in the gym, or anywhere else without giving you tactical look, but hey, these are still Wombat-ready!

The apparel products are made to extend Military-and Tactical Line clothing, while providing comfort and being multifunctional when it comes to dress up.

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